Online in the van.

When we first entered Holland I went in to six or seven phone shops to see if I could buy a data only sim for my mobile phone.  I was offered several packages each one costing in excess of 30 Euro and giving me far more than I required.  We left Holland and entered Germany  and I tried there a couple of times with similar results.  Today I went in to a little touristy port town called Harlingen back in Holland  and found a cheapo sim card for 10 euro that would give us enough data for a month of facebooking, blogging and emailing whilst we travel.  I have inserted said sim in to an old phone that I brought with us just for that purpose and now we are in contact with the world again. 



Here are a few pictures to show everyone the sort of places we sleep. 


Mostly we sleep in yacht havens, harbours, marinas of dingy car parks at the back of sports facilities.  (only once but it was for free!)  These usually cost us about 7 to 10 Euro ( 5.5  to 8 UK Pounds) per night and keep us supplied in fresh water, electricity, fishing and great views. 




These places also allow us somewhere dump our rubbish, ditch our waste water and empty the toilet cassette.



We have seen some unusual sights on our travels through Holland:



Very low flying Nederland Air Force jets




Wickerwork Gandalfs.



Pleasing uses for discarded phone boxes.



Soggy car parks.



Some pretty unique Motorway signage.


And with that its beer o’clock and my turn to cook tea.

One thought on “Online in the van.

  1. Hello, it’s Rob and Ann we met you in France in our nearly identical motor homes! It was lovely to meet you, we will be following your progress with interest. Happy travelling and keep the wine stocked up! We are all back home now, Marie has got tons of washing, we all feel sad that it’s over so fast. We left a beautiful sunny morning in Esquelbecq today!

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