Well! This is IT.

Not with a bang neither with a whimper but we are off on our travels.  We spent six nights in the Lady’s Mile site near Dawlish whilst we ccleaned, ccleared, ppainted, ssccrubbed and photographed our house to get it ready for our tenants.


Of course we spent some time visiting and being visited by family and friends.  We had a particularly early and a particularly good Christmas party at Holsworthy Golf Club.


Then a couple of nights at Barbies house to photograph some new babies.  I would love to sat that the babies were pleased to see us but:


Perhaps not!

Off to sell the car (for euros of course) via a trip to see the Severn Bore.  Predicted to be a pretty goodun but turned out to be a little less than spectacular.  Nevertheless, a new experience for Sheila and I. An early start and just timed for moonset and sunrise.



Many surfers and canoeists tried their luck on this one wave but few succeeded.


The early start gave me the opportunity to take some interestingly lit shots like this church with apple tree and autumn colours.


Stayed with Dave and Jacks for a night – our last chance to reduce weight in the motorhome without actually throwing something away.  Some great food and hugs. Then down to Looe in Cornwall via a night in a car park in (believe it or not) Dawlish.

Sheila has a weekend booked in a cottage with her chums and I have the dubious pleasure of having the motorhome to myself.  Despite the poor weather I walked int looe.


The walk took me along the East Looe River.


Then down in to Looe harbour.


looe-harbourAnd right out the harbour entrance to watch my boat come home.



One thought on “Well! This is IT.

  1. Bon voyage!! Although you have gone your still here in our thoughts and hearts. Love ya loads …..take care Barbie and family xxxxxx


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