Aguillar De Campoo and Valladolid

Three days camping with wifi, electric and 6 beers in the bar for a total of 60 Euro.  It was a lonely site as the only other campers we saw up sticks and left as we arrived.  In our three days we did 5 loads of washing in our twin tub with copious amounts of hot water for washing and rinsing and four stout trees for the washing line.washday


We were on a lake and went for plenty of interesting walks and views with not a soul in sight for most of the time.  A strange exception was a class of 14-16 year olds collecting fungi for cooking .  There were some signs that others had fished the lake in the past (Empty sweetcorn cans and discarded line unfortunately.) but not a sign of a fish anywhere so I didn’t try there. 


The sense of privacy around the lake led Sheila to demonstrate her lack of skills in rock climbing as well as her confidence in our medical insurance policy.  Here she is doing her impression of a Viking warriors helmet.



For those of you worrying about the paucity of our diets with a basic motorhome kitchen, here is a sample of what I was able to “knock up” for our tea last night.


On then to Valladolid where we did a tour of the sights.  Most impressive of these was the university.  We took in an exhibition of West African art which we both found impressive.


AS was the home and museum of Cervantes, author of Don Quixote  but the most impressive was the staircase in the students accommodation block that we sneaked in to. 


Nothing like that at Bedford College!!

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