Peaceful Roads

As I don’t compete with John on the photography front but would like to add my two pennies worth to the blog about some of the things that don’t get shown with our photos I will try and write a small account on occasions. This being my first: I do almost all the driving and John is the navigator and photographer, I try to take an interest in what John has planned but if I am honest I don’t really care as I feel that we haven’t got to be anywhere in any particular time frame and any road we are on is therefore the right one! I do however always ask that where we can we avoid the motorways. This isn’t because I fear driving on them, I love driving and will happily drive in cities,towns and motorways in any country. I do though, along with John love the countryside. So when John sets the sat nav and says we can be there in 50 minutes or 3 and a half hours, Yes, you have guessed correctly….it is the 3 and a half hour route that we take. This will inevitably take us miles out of our way through some quaint old Spanish or Portuguese towns and villages where granny is out walking in her thick wrinkled stockings wearing father’s slippers and having not put her teeth in!



(I only wish John could have taken better photos but of course it would be just too rude.)

We followed the sometimes straight for several kilometre road that then suddenly had all of it’s bends at once where we veered this way and that and climbed up at the same time, wound our way back down again to be faced with another long long stretch of road for as far as the eye could see. We were obviously in an agricultural area, most of it being pig farms and orchards. We also stumbled onto a group of men with guns on there backs and while discussing what they might be shooting came across a dead wild boar with a man stood beside him with his gun…another photo which was just too difficult to take. Of course relying on the sat nav and John isn’t always fool proof as on occasions things go wrong, terribly wrong!!


But further along the lake where we stopped for a cup of tea, we decided to camp for a couple of nights, explore the woodland walks and the modern village which hid a beautiful quaint old centre.

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