Division of labour.

My tasks when we are travelling are simple enough.  I take the blame for everything that goes wrong, I set the Satnav destination, I make snacks and fetch drinks for the driver, and as has been mentioned earlier, I take photographs to record our journey.

I can snap a tree:


or a solar panel array:


or the desert scenery between mountain ranges:


or a beautiful abandoned stone house.


I don’t confine my photography to times of travel of course.  Here we are only a matter of a few days until the shortest day which means you don’t have to get up particularly early to view a beautiful sunrise.  Here are a couple of shots over a lake in central Portugal near the village of Malcata:



Malcata was very kind to us.  We were able to stay two nights for free on the side of the lake just outside the village.  No electricity but fresh water and waste disposal facilities. 

For those not familiar with motorhome travel, here is an explanation of our requirements.  Every two days I need to empty the toilet “holding tank”- 14 litres of “personal” waste products to be polite that require specialist disposal points.  These are usually dedicated man hole covers that can be easily lifted or funnel type openings to the public sewage system made available to motorhome users.  I also need to empty the “grey” water –  a tank holding the water that goes down the plugholes in the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the shower.  The grey water tank holds 80 litres, lasts two or three days and is usually emptied down a drive over drain but sometimes has to be emptied into a bucket and transferred to another drain.  I need to fill with fresh water for washing and washing up and we have a 100 litre tank filled via a hose or occasionally a bucket and pump arrangement and this lasts the same two or three days.   (Water for culinary use is always bought from a supermarket in 2, 5 or even 8 litre bottles.) We have a solar panel on the roof which charges our batteries and even with these short days and low sun we can stay “off grid” for six freebie days before needing to enter a camp site to charge up and do some laundry.

Believe it or not, I have a database of 26,699 spots throughout Europe where we can access these facilities for free or for only a small charge.  (Only 11 of these are in the U.K.  That is why we are perched between a swift flowing river and a snow clad mountain in deepest, darkest Portugal and heading south to spend Christmas in the sun. )

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