Christmas In Lagos

Having been on the same site for more than a week now and still looking forward to a couple more days here.  “Touristcampo Yelloh! Village” is beginning to grow on us.  We immediately put up the awning and spread our gear like everyone else.


The site is huge – well beyond what we have experienced before with about 150 touring pitches and over 100 bungalows, shop, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, fitness suite, wellness room, carwash and laundry; all very well kept and in a shady quiet location.  Perhaps it is just the Christmas spirit but everyone seems friendly and eager to wish you a “Bon Dia”, “Ola”, “Guten Morgen” or “Bonjour” as their numberplate dictates.

Many of the people we have met here are here for 3 or four months each year.  They pitch up in their favourite slot or cabina, pop to the supermarket for essentials like beer and wine, lay out their deckchairs and enjoy the sun.

It is just a 30 minute walk or 10 minute bike ride to the beach at Luz. (Bit longer getting back as it is downhill to the sea unusually.) where Sheila went for the surf:


And I just strolled along the sand.


“You’re a bit short for a Stormtrooper arent you?” Poor Carrie Fisher.  Walking along the beach on Christmas Eve and making the most of the sunshine in the shiny new awning.


Christmas dinner was a duck – I would like to say taditional in this part of the world but they eat turkey and just call it “peru”.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

3 thoughts on “Christmas In Lagos

  1. Looks great. Where exactly are you? I stay on a field just above Sao Miguel on the road to Bensafrim. Luz is about 3km south of there.


    1. We were on the Touriscampo site just 2 km north on Luz.. Moved on from there to the aire near Lagos football stadium to watch the fireworks and then drove via Barao de Sao Joa and Barao de Sao Miguel to a farm just 3 km due east of Budens.


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