Dentists, Doctors, Daughters and Sons

DSC_8687aAfter leaving our friends in the south of France we made a couple of stops on our way to Calais for the ferry.

We found a beautiful “freebie” in a small town called Bonnival and camped by the river for a couple of days.

The river looked beautiful by day but the sunset coupled to the floodlighting made it worthwhile staying up past by bedtime (8:35) for a few shots.




Leaving Bonneval we headed for Rouen and pitched up on an island in the Seine.  Alongside some rather unusual company:


There must have been an amateur soccer night at the nearby sports centre because a dozen or so firefighters turned up with their equipment, swapped flameproof leggings and steel boots for shorts and trainers and jogged in to the hall.


Then it was back to GB for time with the family, with the dentist, with the doctors, with the Peugeut dealers and MOT inspectors before setting off again for France, Belgium and here in a sweltering 36 degreeC. Luxembourg.